April 8, 2010

Mind and Body: An Attempt to Improve my Life

As you may have seen on that last post, things have been looking somewhat grim. However, I'm optimistic. Maybe its the fact that summer seems to be right around the corner, but I'm ready to make things better.

I would like to first clarify that not everything is bad. In fact, my life is pretty good. But that's no thanks to me. So if I do my part to make things better, then I just might be able to get through college! Hurray!

So here's the plan:

-Drop to 160 lbs by the end up the summer (current: 177)
-Learn the meaning of proper hygiene

-Learn how to study BEFORE a test is coming up
-Make some friends

And how will I accomplish all this at once? Well here's what I'm hoping for.
Every tues, wed, thurs, and either saturday or sunday (other days, if plans permit):
-30 minutes of Wii Fit
-30 minutes taking shower, brushing teeth, using acne stuff that smells funny
-30 minutes to an hour of textbook reading
7 days a week:
-1 soda per day (2 on weekends)
-Eat until I'm satisfied, not stuffed
-Asleep by 2:30 AM (Gotta start somewhere)
-Be more social

So now anyone reading this is wondering, "Why the heck do I need to know all that?" There are two reasons.
1. I'm open to any other suggestions on this stuff.
2. Accountability! If its public, I have to keep up with it, right? Seriously though, the more nagging I get the better. I'm pretty serious about this.

And no mom and dad, number 2 doesn't apply to you. You've nagged me on this stuff for 20 years, it's not going to start working now.

Anyways, the plan is to drop the stress and doubts that have made it hard for me to be happy. Here's to hoping it works out.


Brad and Kristy Albert said...



Praying for ya Bud!!

Janelle said...

i could hug you!
not that you want that :oP